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no way to mount drives, just set a password.

The problem

When using the bunsenlabs based setup described here you may end up with Thunar not letting you mount drives when you connect them. It asks you for a root password in a dialogue box. The problem is there is no root account and also no password that works with it. It is a dalogue box that also pops up when you try to sign off via the exit function of bunsenlabs (Fn+X).

The solution

More googling than expected led me to the following solution: If there is no root password, just set one. The magic is, it just works. Of course for that you need to be in the sudoers groups.

The following sets a new root user password (also a first one if none was set before).

sudo passwd root

After it is set and repeated successfully, you can mount and log off with it in a breeze.